Fireworks in the City Limits

Fireworks Rules & Regulations - City of Coffeyville

Legal Hours for sale and discharge
July 1 to July 4
8 a.m. to 12 midnight

Bottle rockets or skyrockets cannot be sold or shot in the City of Coffeyville

Fireworks Stands

  • Must be permitted ($150), inspected and approved by the Fire Department
  • Permit musts be displayed at all times
  • Fireworks - No Smoking signs with letters 2 inches high must be posted at each entrance or within 20 feet of every aisle.
  • All licensed premises shall have at least one person 18 years of age present on the immediate premises during all hours of operation.
  • Two (2) portable fire extinguishers with a minimum rating of 2A are required; one musts be pressurized water type. Fireworks stands less than 200 square feet are only required to have one portable fire extinguisher.

Places where fireworks cannot be discharged

  • Public street
  • Alley or avenue
  • Park or public places
  • Business district (8th, 9th and 10th Streets from railroad crossing east of Patterson to Elm; Maple Street from 7th south to 10th, Walnut from 7th Street south to the railroad crossing; Union Street from 7th Street south)
  • Within 100 feet of any retail stand or facility where fireworks are stored.
  • It is unlawful to throw fireworks in the direction of any animal, person or group of persons or from, in the direction of, or from, into, under or on any vehicle whether it is moving or standing.


  • Each operator of a temporary retail stand shall maintain a list of what consumer fireworks are on premises indicting the Kansas licensed distributor from whom those items were purchased.

Sale of fireworks ordinance

Sale of fireworks application (PDF)