Register Your Storm Shelter

Homes with storm shelters, basements or safe rooms have an added measure of protection for the occupants. However, if a disaster occurred and the storm shelter, basement or safe room was covered with tree limbs and other debris, there could be an added problem of people being trapped inside.

The Coffeyville Fire Department maintains a data base of all residents who utilize their storm shelters, basements and safe rooms for protection from severe weather. In the event of a natural disaster, the data base would be given to responders to assist them in locating people in shelters which may be covered with debris. This is a free service offered by the City of Coffeyville. To register, submit your information online on the register a storm shelter form.

If you have been given your GPS coordinates, please include those as well.

Note: We have had an occasional person unable to successfully submit the form. If you are unable to submit, please send the information via email and it will be added to the data base.