Animal Control


Coffeyville Animal Control assists with lost, stray and vicious animals within the corporate city limits. The Coffeyville Animal Shelter and Adoption Center is operated by the Friends of Animals organization.

Report At-Large Animals & Bites
Call the animal control officer at 620-252-6160 to report:

  • An animal running at large or other animal control related problem
  • An animal biting incident

Ask About Adoption & Impounded Animals

Call the Animal Shelter and Adoption Center at 620-252-6060 to inquire:

  • If an animal has been impounded
  • About adopting an animal

Dog Tags
All dogs ages six months and older and kept in the City limits are required to have a City of Coffeyville dog tag. Proof of rabies vaccination is required for a tag. To purchase a tag, take the vaccination paperwork to the Animal Shelter. Tags are $4 per year and issued to coincide with the rabies vaccination. If a dog has a two-year rabies vaccination, a two-year dog tag will be issued at a cost of $8.