Coffeyville Wireless Internet Fees

Type of Service
InstallationIncludes one static IP address$125
Each additional IP address$25
Wireless internet packagesDownload speed up to 1.5Mbps / upload to 512Kbps$39.95
Download speed up to 2.0Mbps / upload to 768Kbps$49.95
Download speed up to 6.0Mbps / upload to 1.0Mbps$59.95
Download speed up to 8.0Mbps / upload to 3.0Mbps$79.95
Download speed up to 10.0Mbps / upload to 5.0Mpbs$99.95
Service callCharged when service call is a result of loss of signal due to tree growth, customer equipment (i.e., computer, router, etc.) and not the wireless equipment (one hour minimum)$35
per hour
Turn-off / -on fee
Late payment
5% of bill