Coffeyville’s water source is the Verdigris River. The Water Treatment Plant treats over 1 billion gallons of water annually. Following treatment, the water is stored in three underground storage tanks in Pfister Park.

In 2019, there are 4,200 water meters.

Additional Service Areas

In addition to Coffeyville citizens, water is provided to the Coffeyville Industrial Park, the cities of Dearing and South Coffeyville, five area rural water districts and Coffeyville Resources. The Water Distribution Department maintains 180 miles of water lines.

2022 Statistics

Average daily production 3.88 million gallons

Maximum daily production 5.84 million gallons

Minimum daily production 3.11 million gallons

Total treated 1.4 billion gallons

Number to Call to Report a Problem

Water Treatment Plant - 620-252-6150