Neighborhood Revitalization Areas

Designated area - Plan Number 1 Downtown
Downtown bordered by Sixth Street on the north:
11th Street on the south
Elm Street on the west
Patterson Boulevard on the east

Designated area - Plan Number 2
Area Number 1
This area includes basically everything east of Buckeye (areas east
of Buckeye north of Martin Street are not included) to City Limits. 

Area Number 2
The West Coffeyville area south of First
Street, East of Inglewood; west of Idylwood; and
bordered by Fourth and Fifth Street on the south.

Area Number 3
Cline Road on east; Woodland Avenue on north; Overlook on West
and Edgevale/Prairie Lane on south, plus an area with Woodland Avenue on
south; Cline Road on west; Stark on north and Keith Boulevard on east.

Area Number 4
Glen east of Buckeye; Stark east of Buckeye to River Road