Neighborhood Revitalization Criteria

  • Only one tax rebate application per project may be submitted. The rebate will be based upon the increased assessed value attributed to the eligible improvement
  • The project must have begun on or after May 1, 2004 for Plan Number 1 area and October 26
  • For Plan Number 2 area. An application for rebate must be filed within 60 days of the issuance of a building permit.
  • The assessed value increase will be determined by the resulting classification of the improvement. The minimum increase in assessed value due to the eligible improvement will be 5% for residential and commercial property as determined by the Montgomery County Appraiser.
  • The program is limited to real property; personal property taxes are not eligible for rebate.
  • Any property taxpayer who is delinquent on any tax payment and/or special assessment will not be eligible for any rebate. Rebates will be terminated if the property taxpayer becomes delinquent with the payment of taxes on any property owned by the taxpayer.
  • The new, as well as the existing improvements on the property must conform with all other codes, rules and regulations in effect at the time the improvements are made, and for the length of the rebate, or the rebate may be terminated.
  • Any remaining rebate available under this Plan shall be payable to the owner of the property or the person who is liable for payment of the taxes on the revitalized property, regardless of who actually made the improvements.