Midland Theater

Built in the 1928, the historic Midland Theater, along with the Alamo building to the west, is currently undergoing restoration. The mission of the Midland Restoration Project is to preserve and restore the Midland Theater and the Alamo Building as a multipurpose facility to accommodate public performances, events and activities. The complex will also provide a focal point for further economic development in and revitalization of the downtown core of Coffeyville.

The Theater cost $80,000 to build in 1928 and was a marvel of architectural construction. The lobby was decorated with crimson and gold cloth tapestries on a soft blue wall, and the ceiling was decorated with filigreed molding and gold painted trim. The main auditorium had a seating capacity of 1,200 and the stage was designed for both vaudeville and motion pictures.

The Midland Theater and adjacent Alamo Building are currently under renovation.  For more information regarding the renovation and fundraising plans contact the Midland Theater Foundation.  
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