How Electricity Gets to You

The City's Power Supply

The City of Coffeyville, through a 2007 Power Purchase Agreement with the Grand River Dam Authority, is supplied power at 138 Kilovolts to our Substation B, located at the corner of First and Sycamore streets. The power is “wheeled” through another utility, American Electric Power/Public Service Company of Oklahoma, to get the power to our system. Coffeyville is supplied this energy through two separate 138 kilovolt lines, one located near Delaware, OK on Highway 169, and the second 138 kilovolt line coming from Bartlesville, Oklahoma, then east towards the Oklahoma/Kansas border, tying into Westar Energy of Kansas, and the City of Coffeyville Municipal Light and Power system.

Power Distribution

Power is then distributed through two main step-down transformers at Substation B South from 138 kilovolts to 69 kilovolts, to four of the six remaining substations -Power Plant Substation, Substation A, North Industrial Park Substation, and South Industrial Park Substation. Voltage is dropped again at either pad-mounted transformers located on the ground or polemounted transformers. Lines serving the customer are called secondary lines.

The electric meter measures how much electricity you use. The electric panel distributes the electricity through the wiring in the house, school, or business and protects against over loaded circuits. Electricity delivered to individual homes is 120/240 volts. Industry, stores, schools, hospitals and others have larger transformers and service entrances and may require different voltages.

Producing Electricity

The City of Coffeyville is also capable of producing electricity. The City currently has one steam generating unit with a capacity of 38 Megawatts, two Black-Start diesel generating units with a combined capacity of 4 Megawatts, and three Wärtsilä NG generating units with a combined capacity of 56 Megawatts.


View a drawing of how the electricity gets to you.

Drawing (PDF)