Rural Customers - Read Your Own Meter

Submit your meter reading online.

For rural Coffeyville utility customers, the City's Meter Readers will read your meter three times each year. The months Meter Readers will read meters is determined by your route number - the first two digits of your account number. Account numbers are located in the bottom left corner of your utility bill. Example: 41-1234-00. The 41 is the route number.

RouteMeter Reader reads these months - you do not need to submit reading
40February, June, October
41April, August, December
51January, May, September

Note: All meter readings must be returned by the 25th of the month - either online or on your utility bill stub.

Note: rural customers using online bill pay can access the Submit Your Meter Reading form directly from the online bill pay screen with the link located in the lower left corner.