Coffeyville's Water Source

The water source for the City of Coffeyville is surface water from the Verdigris River on North River Road. In addition, the City for many years has maintained a Water Purchase Contract with the Kansas Water Office for water at Elk City Reservoir. Fortunately the Verdigris has not reached the level where requesting this water has become a necessity for many years, but this additional water supply is available if conditions warrant its use.

Water Treatment Riverside

At the Water Plant located on River Road the water is continually tested and monitored. Quality standards for public water systems are set at very stringent levels, and the City of Coffeyville water meets or exceeds all federal and state requirements.

The sources of drinking water, both tap and bottled water, include rivers, lakes, streams, ponds, reservoirs, springs and wells. As water travels over the surface of the land or through the ground, it dissolves naturally occurring minerals and, in some cases, radioactive material, and can pick up substances resulting from the presence of animals or from human activity.

All drinking water, including bottled water, may reasonably be expected to contain at least small amounts of some contaminants, but this does not indicate the water is unsafe to drink or a health risk. Contaminants which the City tests for include atrazine, barium, fluoride, haloacedic acids, nickel, nitrate, coliform bacteria, copper and lead. Each year every resident with a water tap is provided with a drinking water quality report and it is also available online.