Home Fire Safety Inspections


The Coffeyville Fire Department is offering "FREE" Home Fire Safety Inspections to all residents in the city limits. This program is called FLASH (Fire Loss Awareness for Safer Homes) which is a proactive approach to Home Fire Safety Inspections. During an inspection firefighters will check each room of a home and offer fire safety tips and recommendations to safeguard a family from the threat of fire. The inspection typically lasts 20 to 30 minutes, and an adult must be present. There are no fines or citations associated with this service, it is simply offered to assist residents in making their home fire safe.

Residents are also able to conduct their own Fire Safety Inspection by using the inspection checklist (PDF).

This new service is designed to educate residents to be more aware of fire safety and prevention. Contact the Coffeyville Fire Department at 620-252-6148 to set up an appointment.