New Construction Multi-Family Program


Applicant must apply with the City of Coffeyville Housing and Community Development Department and complete a Form W-9.Multi-family Owner/Developer: The owner/developer of any new multi-family housing may apply for $1,500 per unit upon final inspection of the multi-family housing is finalized and ready for occupancy. Eligible properties must be new, purposely-built, multi-family construction (e.g. Apartment or Multiple-Family Dwelling to be held for rental purposes etc.) Mobile homes do not qualify for this incentive. Proposed project must be located within Coffeyville’s city limits. Development and construction must comply with existing Zoning Regulations and Building Codes. New rental units started or under construction over the life of the program (January 1, 2023 to December 31, 2023) are eligible. A total of 30 units per year will be funded under this program on a first come, first served-basis. The program is subject to budget restrictions, available funding, and yearly commission approval.

This program can be stacked with multiple other State and Federal incentives. By choosing to build in Coffeyville, we can offer incentives the larger cities cannot simply because of our population.

Applications are available in the Housing Department at City Hall - 102 W. 7th