The Housing Department is responsible for working to aid in the production of better housing and a more desirable and larger volume of residential construction.

Coffeyville Strategic Housing Plan 2030

In January 2021, the City began to plan to meet housing needs across a broad range of income levels, maximizing partnerships, fostering both the creation of new and the preservation of existing housing units, and setting short and long term goals to address immediate issues and plan for the future. These efforts will be combined with education and outreach to keep the Coffeyville community informed and engaged about the need for a diverse set of housing choices and opportunities. The City’s Strategic Housing Plan 2030 comes at a time when Coffeyville is redefining its place in the Southeast Kansas economy. It is an opportune time to examine how the City can provide a balance of housing choices and preserve affordable and workforce housing and the fabric of Coffeyville’s neighborhoods. Coffeyville is in a state of change, the economy is stable, but residential development is very weak or nonexistent. As such, there is urgency in addressing housing needs now, before they become acute.

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Available Programs

Coffeyville Housing Programs

These programs are financed through the Housing and Community Development portion of the ½-cent Sales Tax Fund. Funds are limited and applications will be provided on a first come first-served basis. Programs include: First Time Homebuyer Incentive Program, New Construction Single-Family Program, New Construction Multi-Family Program, Paint the Town Program, Senior Assistance Program - Emergency Home Repair for Seniors and Disabled and Senior Assistance Program - Weatherization and Home Security for Seniors and Disabled. Applications are available in the Housing Department at City Hall - 102 W. 7th.

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HUD Housing Choice Voucher Program (Section 8)

The City of Coffeyville does not accept or process Housing Choice Voucher applications. You will need to contact SEK-CAP (Housing (sek-cap.com)) to process your application in order to receive Housing Choice Vouchers. Please contact the City of Coffeyville Housing Department if we can assist you in any way.

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Kansas Housing Resources Corporation

Kansas Housing Resources Corporation is addressing the housing issue for the citizens of Kansas, by administering essential programs that allow communities and service organizations to help Kansans find the safe, affordable housing they need and the dignity they deserve. The Kansas Housing Resources Center offers a variety programs including: Kansas Housing Assistance Fund, Kansas Weatherization Assistance Program, Moderate Income Housing Grant, Neighborhood Revitalization Plan and Rural Housing Incentive District (RHID).

Link to Kansas Housing Resources Corporation Programs

Neighborhood Revitalization Program

This plan is intended to promote the revitalization of designated structures in areas in the City of Coffeyville, Kansas, through the rehabilitation, conservation or redevelopment in order to protect the public health, safety or welfare of the residents of the City. More specifically, a tax rebate incentive will be available for improvements to designated structures in the area.

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USDA Mutual Self-Help Housing Program

The City of Coffeyville is in collaboration with the USDA Rural Development of Kansas to provide Coffeyville with the Mutual Self-Help Program. The Mutual Self-Help Housing Technical Assistance Program provides grant funding to advance homeownership in Coffeyville through the implementation of local self-help housing construction projects.  The Mutual Self-Help Housing Program supports the City of Coffeyville in carrying out projects assisting groups of individuals and families with low-incomes as they construct their own homes. The Mutual Self-Help Program helps people who do not qualify as homeowners obtain affordable, clean, and safe homes of their own, with priority for loan assistance given to families living in substandard housing.

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The Kansas Department of Commerce has announced the launch of their new CDBG-COVID Resiliency program (CDBG-CVR). CDBG-CVR will help local small businesses improve facilities, technology, ecommerce capabilities and more to become more resilient to a pandemic event. The grant program helps businesses prevent future closures due to health emergencies, while also providing capital to modernize and grow with up to $50,000 in funding per business! Learn more and connect with eligible businesses in your community today to get the process moving by visiting:


Link to CDBG-CVR Webinar

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