Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

About the Plan

This plan is intended to promote the revitalization of designated structures in areas in the City of Coffeyville, Kansas, through the rehabilitation, conservation or redevelopment in order to protect the public health, safety or welfare of the residents of the City. More specifically, a tax rebate incentive will be available for improvements to designated structures in the area.

Link to Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

Application Process

  1. Obtain application for tax rebate from the City Building Official when obtaining a building permit application or athe link below.
  2. File completed and signed application with the City Clerk, together with the $25.00 application fee payable to Montgomery County Treasurer, within sixty (60) days following issuance of the building permit.
  3. The City Clerk will forward the application to the Montgomery County Appraiser’s Office for determination of the existing assessed valuation of the property.
  4. The Building Official will monitor the project to ensure that all applicable city codes are met.
  5. Upon completion of construction, the City Clerk will notify the County Appraiser that the project is ready for inspection.
  6. Upon determination by the Appraiser’s office that the improvements meet the percentage test for rebate and by the Clerk’s office that the taxes and assessments on property owned by the applicant are not delinquent, the City Clerk will certify that the project and application does or does not meet the requirements for a tax rebate and will notify the applicant.
  7. The tax rebate, less a five percent (5%) processing fee based on the rebate amount, will be made to the property owner within a thirty (30) day period following the date of tax distribution by the County.