Building Permits

Requirements for Building Within City Limits

In general, all construction, alterations and repairs of buildings within the City limits of Coffeyville require building construction permits. In addition, there may be the requirement for an electrical or plumbing permit.

Example Projects Requiring a Permit

The following are examples of projects that require a permit:

  • Accessory garage, shed, carport, storage portable buildings.
  • Addition, repair or replacement to public sidewalk or driveway approach
  • Additions to residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Any electrical work beyond the installation of four outlets and minor repairs
  • Any plumbing work beyond repairs to faucets, stoppages and leaks in piping

  • General remodeling, alterations and renovation, residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Mobile home hookup to electrical or plumbing systems
  • New construction for residential dwellings and commercial and industrial buildings