Electrical Inspections

When Required

No person, firm or corporation shall make any material alterations or addition in existing wiring in any building, nor shall any building or addition thereto be wired for electric lights, motors, heating devices or any apparatus which requires the use of electric current, before having secured a permit from the electrical inspector; provided that no permit shall be required when four (4) or less outlets are repaired or installed, or minor repairs are made at the panel or at the customer’s side of the electrical service entrance. The permit shall be made on forms furnished by the City and shall set forth in detail the work to be done, address of building, name and address of owner, name and address of the person or firm doing the wiring work. The electrical inspector may require that detailed plans and specifications for the wiring or rewiring of all buildings or structures be submitted prior to commencement of work, where necessary for proper inspection of the job. Permits to do electrical wiring work covered by this article shall be issued only to those individuals, partnerships or corporations having a valid City electrical contractor’s license or certificate, and who are duly bonded, except as provided for in this article. A temporary permit to do electrical work may be issued for a period not to exceed ten (10) days, or until such time as the electrical inspector can give an examination for proper license. (ORD. NO. G-76-01, 4-14-76)

The fee for an electrical permit is currently established at $10.

Persons Doing Work On Their Own Premises
A resident homeowner shall have the right to do his own electrical wiring or electrical work on his own premises without procuring a license, or the giving of a bond required by this article, by obtaining a permit for any work done. Such person and such electrical work shall be subject to the provisions of this article as to installation and inspection. Said property shall not be used for resale purposes for a time period of one calendar year. If said property is sold prior to the term of one year, licensing and bonding shall be required by said person on all future projects.
(ORD. NO. G-76-01, 4-14-76)

Any person, firm or corporation violating any of the provisions of this article or failing or refusing to perform any duty imposed by this article shall, upon conviction thereof, be fined an amount not to exceed five hundred dollars ($500). Each day that a violation shall continue shall constitute a separate offense. (ORD. NO. G-76-01, 4-14-76)