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Posted on: November 28, 2018

Heroes Honored at Commission Meeting

Life Saving Award Presentation

A routine night at the fairgounds turned into a lifesaving experience for three City of Coffeyville employees during the Inter-State Fair & Rodeo.  On Friday, August 17, Toby Hunt was in the fair office closing out the ticket sales for the evening.  Toby is the city treasurer and has been a member of the fair board for ten years.

Grady and Aiden Midgett, ages 1 ½ and 6, were playing in the outer fair office.  They are the sons of Kevin and Jonie Midgett who are both fair board members.  Kevin is a lieutenant with the Coffeyville Fire Department.

In the fair office, Toby Hunt was counting the ticket receipts and heard Joni anxiously calling Grady’s name.  Hunt realized there was no sound coming from Grady, and she responded to find him lifeless and turning blue.  “Jonie was blowing in Grady’s face as he had previously had a couple of similar episodes, however, it was not working this time,” said Hunt. “He was eating some chips, and I thought he had choked.” 

Hunt, who has been trained as an EMT, grabbed Grady and did a few back strikes with no results.  She then laid him on the floor and began chest compressions.   Coffeyville Chief of Police Kwin Bromley, who was working security on the midway, responded to the call to the fair office and came in to assist.  “As soon as Chief Bromley arrived, he began doing chest compressions while I continued with the breathing for Grady,” said Hunt. “I am old school in my CPR training.” 

As Hunt and Bromley continued with the CPR, Grady began breathing although it was faint.  Police officer Michael Purvis was working inside the rodeo arena when he heard the medical call on his radio.  He immediately responded to the fair office as the CPR was in progress.  He took the baby, turned him over and gave him three back strikes.  Grady then began to cry and his breathing became more normal.  By this time, EMS personnel arrived and transported Grady to CRMC.

Kevin Midgett, Grady’s father, was in the rodeo arena when called about the incident, and he arrived quickly at the fair office as Grady was being prepared for transport.  Being a firefighter, Kevin is trained for and responds to all types of emergencies.  “This was very different seeing it from the other side,” said Midgett.  “It was scary when I got the call and the code blue was for my baby.”

Grady was transported from CRMC to St. Francis in Tulsa where he was examined by a neurologist and released the next day.  According to his father, he had a very low iron count which may have caused him to stop breathing.

The Coffeyville City Commission recognized Kwin Bromley, Michael Purvis and Toby Hunt for their quick response and heroic actions.  Police Chief Bromley and Police Officer Purvis were presented with life saving medals and Hunt was given a civilian commendation plaque.  “We are grateful and proud these three, all city employees, were present at the moment,” stated Mayor Paul Bauer who made the presentation.  “They had the knowledge and skills to do what needed to be done,” he said.  “They are all three heroes.”

Grady suffered no injuries during his episode this past August in the Fair Office.  He has been seen by both a cardiologist and a neurologist with nothing out of the norm reported.  Today Grady is an active 18-month old who most enjoys helping his big brothers, Aiden and Parker, with their show pigs.

Heroes Honored

Fire Lt. Kevin Midgett, Police Chief Kwin Bromley, Police Officer Michael Purvis, Jonie Midgett

Front:  Grady, Aiden & Parker Midgett

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