Who do I call if the electricity goes out?
In the event of an electric outage, call 620-252-6180.

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1. Who do I call if the electricity goes out?
2. What is a municipal electric utility?
3. What does PCA stand for, and what is it?
4. Why is a Power Cost Adjustment (PCA) necessary?
5. Who do I call to report a street light out?
6. Why do I have trouble getting a call through during a power outage?
7. Why can't you tell me specifically when my power will be restored?
8. My neighbors have power - why don't I?
9. Do certain customers get priority in having power restored after an outage?
10. Why does it take so long to get power back?
11. Why can't you prevent outages from occurring in the first place?
12. Why don't you just bury all power lines, or at least put them underground in the areas most prone to outages?