What is the charge for police reports?

The fee for police reports is $5.00.

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1. How do I make a police report?
2. How do I get a police report?
3. What is the charge for police reports?
4. If I am involved in an accident do I have to make a report?
5. I locked my keys in the car; will an officer unlock the vehicle?
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7. If I call 911 from my cell phone, will the call go to Coffeyville?
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10. What are the job requirements for CPD?
11. I applied for a position with CPD. Where do I follow up?
12. I’m interested in the Explorers program; who do I contact?
13. Where can I get a copy of CPD laws or ordinances?
14. Who do I contact to start a Neighborhood Watch?
15. Does the Police Department register bicycles?
16. How do I submit an anonymous Nixle tip?
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